Sunday, May 24, 2015

Why I Am Done With Wordpress

I am done hosting my author website on Wordpress.

Thank you for coming to the new website!  I have been thinking of moving my site to a new host for some time now, and for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, I like the look a lot better and it is much easier to customize to my liking.  Blogger gives you many, many options to make your website look nice.

Wordpress does, too, but most of the time you have to pay for a really nice theme.  This left me with little choice in how I wanted my site to look without knowing a lot about code.

Another reason I made the switch can be seen in my 10,000 Sales Progress Bar up above.  As you can see, I'm closing in on 800 Deathwind Trilogy sales now.  The blue bar's getting closer and closer to that tarantula at 2,000.  When that happens, I will be posting the video of said tarantula on my face right here on my website.

Wordpress doesn't let you post videos on your site--unless you pay.  Blogger will let you do the same for free.  I would much rather have my video posted here than to force people to go to another site to watch it when the time comes.

Recently, another author has started a program where fellow authors can advertise each other's books on their websites at random.  Others will advertise 2:20 and Twisted on their sites, and I return the favor.  All I have to do is paste a little bit of code in my sidebar for it to work and to participate in this program.

I just found out that it's code that Wordpress blocks.  It works on every other website under the sun.  Wordpress doesn't even allow me to link to giveaways that my own book is in, either.  It has given me so many problems in the past that I can never fully participate in author cross-promotions. 

Today, I decided that I've had enough.  I want to be able to post the things that I want to post on my own website.  I'll leave the Wordpress site up for now, so that those of you who entered the Kindle Fire giveaway aren't sending people to a dead link. 

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