Friday, July 10, 2015

I Am 50% Closer to Having A Tarantula On My Face

This week, we have crossed the 1,000 sales mark for the Deathwind Trilogy!

Granted, many of those sales were from the Magic Touch bundle in which Twisted was a part, which is no longer for sale as of this month.  I counted every 12 sales of the bundle as 1 sale for Twisted.  In other words, I've enjoyed (or maybe dreaded) the fast progress in the past few months.  Without the Magic Touch bundle, I would still be sitting at about 200 total sales or so.

Things may be slower from now on and there is no telling how long it will take until we reach 2,000 sales, in which I will "celebrate" by putting a huge, hairy spider on my face for a full minute.  However, Twisted will be going on sale for 99 cents during the first week of August to observe the release of the third Deathwind Trilogy book, Unleashed.  It's possible that at that point, sales will pick up and we will make fast progress again, at least for a short time. 

I have been spending much of my spare time setting up ads for Twisted and getting the third Deathwind Trilogy book done.  There are some nights I have spent literally hours submitting Twisted to marketing sites and blogs. 

Just so everyone knows, the giveaway to win a Kindle Fire is still going until the last day of this month!  If you haven't entered yet, visit  for rules and the entry form.